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Something Fantastic

And oh, it's true.

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Awkward, but fully embracing it.
Delaying the Real World with public service (also known as decreasing world suck) and eventually graduate school. This delay isn't exactly working though. Blame should fall squarely on bills.
Would cook and bake more if the kitchen was bigger and contained a dishwasher. And if the good, healthy food wasn't so damn expensive.
Often bemoans that being a man is cheaper than being born with lady-parts.
Laughs at scenesters, emos, ridiculously pretentious hipsters, gawths, and people with visibly bad tattoos/body mods.
Actually a middle-aged southern cat-lady and not a recent midwestern college graduate. What with the knitting, the cat, and the y'alls.
Grammar and spelling nerd, and visibly cringes at unironic 'net-speak and misuse (or complete lack of use) of punctuation, especially the possessive apostrophe and Oxford comma.
Would continue living in Michigan if there were graduate schools and jobs available to suit future life plans. However, the worst umemployment rate in the nation impedes this wish.
Read the Twilight series for the lawlz, and completely mostly regrets it. On a lazy crusade to warn off potential future readers.
Sarcastic and bitchy, but only to people who can take it or deserve it.
Penchant for making poor life decisions. However, this resulted in some decent bad-date stories, so at least someone gets good out of it.
Born into religion, but now knows her way around the Thumb quite well after living in four different places thanks to church politics. Thinks God is pretty rad, but some of the people who use God and his posse as crutches or excuses are not so rad. Hearty disdain for organized religion, but still goes to church on a semi-regular basis.

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